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Team Development

Energize and inspire your teams for
maximum performance

Going All In
Whether your team consists of 10 or 500 members, there are always opportunities to take your Team to new heights. Utilizing experiential, interactive exercises and challenges, we will tailor a program unique to the needs of your Team as well as your current industry.

No matter what your style, we have a program that will suit you perfectly.  If you do not see exactly what you want here, or you have your own “Out of the Box’ idea on how you would like to build your team, be sure to email Laurie directly and GO ALL IN for your team today.

5 Dysfunctions of a Team
Learn how to use the proven model for team development described in The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni.  Improve in each of the five key fundamentals: trust, conflict, commitment, accountability and results. This practical process will provide your team with information and strategies they can use immediately and apply on an ongoing basis.

Dealing with Conflict
All great relationships require productive conflict to grow. Unfortunately, conflict is often avoided because it has been seen or used in an ineffective, damaging, and unproductive manner. In this session you will learn how to analyze a conflict to decide which style is best for a given situation and ensure you can affect the outcome in positive ways. 

Emotional Intelligence
Evidence suggests that high emotional intelligence (EI) is a stronger predictor of success then IQ and technical abilities. You will learn strategies to work effectively with others and build essential collaborative relationships resulting in increased productivity, effectiveness and business results.

Myers Briggs Type Indicator for Your Team
Utilizing personality theory, your team will gain a deeper understanding into their own strengths, characteristics, and values. Elevate effectiveness, improve morale, yield greater collaboration and results as your teams learn to communicate more effectively themselves and discover preferences for interacting with each other.

Personality Dimensions
Turn your organization into a high-performance team! Participation is essential in this highly-interactive and fun workshop. Your team will yield higher productivity, identify and leverage strengths, build trust, and improve their collaborative efforts. Team members will learn about their own personality types as well as their teams through interactive exercises, discussion and self-reflection.

Optimize Your Teams’ Performance!
In this interactive session, teams will work together to identify team strengths, overcome challenges and discuss ways to work together more effectively. The outcomes include increased trust, collaboration, solution focused problem solving, and healthy conflict. Experiential learning and debriefs will incorporate challenges and fun to drive home concepts. This program will be customized for your team.

Rise to Your Highest Potential
In every facet of our lives, opportunities exist to improve based on self-awareness and to strive for greater personal effectiveness. Your team members will develop leadership skills and push personal boundaries; build on their strengths, passions and determination; and take a proactive approach to overcoming obstacles. Your team will develop plans for success and resiliency strategies to persevere, which all contribute to a greater sense of personal confidence and optimize their performance.

Team work with DISC
Human Behaviour is predictable. Using the DISC Model teams can learn to work together leveraging each other’s strengths. This workshop will be customized to include such topics as communication, teamwork, customer service, leadership etc…

Tool Box for Meetings, Presentations and Training

  • Are you afraid that your presentations are dull and boring?
  • Do you want to have more confidence speaking in front of a group?
  • Do you gulp with fear?

In this highly interactive and experiential session, Laurie shares her best tips and tools to make your presentation fun, memorable, and effective.

Experimental & Fun

Sometimes learning and skill development can be incorporated in the most creative ways. These customized trainings incorporate fun, laughter and real-world skills that make an impact.

We will create an experience for your team!

  • Take the cake
  • Outdoor challenges
  • Hamburger Challenge
  • World’s longest Domino Track
  • Waves of Kindness
  • Celebrating Strengths
  • Snow flakes

No matter what your style, we have a program that will suit you perfectly.  If you do not see exactly what you want here, or you have your own “Out of the Box’ idea on how you would like to build your team, be sure to email Laurie directly and GO ALL IN for your team today.

Encourage your teams to be their best! To find out more about our unique team building events, get in touch today by emailing or call us at 905-357-2345.

We hired Laurie this year to do our annual team finance event and we are thrilled with the result... Iím hearing positive things, how much fun everybody had, how interactive it was, the team spirit and just the happiness that is going around is absolutely incredible. Laurie has been an amazing person to work with and was able to pull everything together in a really short time frame for us and think outside of the box. We came to her with an idea and she just completely went with it and just above and beyond all of our expectations.”
Sheri Morin | Executive Assistant to VP & CFO
Henry Schein Canada Inc.
View Sheri's Video Testimonial

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The weekend team building session was an amazing experience. The obvious benefits of creating a more functional team notwithstanding, it was also a very effective exercise offering critical insights into yourself and your colleagues. I came away with a much better understanding of how a team should function and as importantly, what motivates individual team members. A very enlightening weekend!”
Geoff Goodyear | President/CEO
Universal Helicopters Newfoundland and Labrador LP
“Great session. Teamwork leads to success when it is embraced, nourished and allowed to grow to its full potential. Looking forward to being part of this developing teams ride to success.”
Les A. Lawson, CMA | Chief Financial Officer
Nunatsiavut Group Of Companies
Many commented that it was by far the best and most productive team building exercise they had ever experienced.”
Carol A. Benoit | Manager
Citizenship and Immigration Canada
View Carol's Video Testimonial

team building picture

Our entire staff enjoyed the Knock Down Hunger team building workshop developed and coordinated by Laurie Flasko & Associates. As a manager, I didnít realize how creative and brilliant my team is, using our structure as a metaphor for a typical day at work. In a non-competitive environment, Laurieís direction and encouragement ensured the entire staff contributed. People were listened to during the process. It was so nice to see staff members who are usually quiet speak up and to witness some of the leaders on our team step back and let others make decisions. We accomplished so much in very little time. I felt as if we were playing instead of working.”
Diane Corkum | Executive Director
Project SHARE
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