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Kindness Advantage

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The transformative approach to boosting workplace morale, productivity and customer satisfaction

Keynote Presentation for: Conferences, Meetings and Events with Laurie Flasko, CSP

What if you could...

  • Measurably boost employee morale?
  • Increase productivity so things get done, faster and better?
  • Skyrocket customer satisfaction so sales go through the roof?
  • Lead teams effectively with less conflict and more happy faces?
  • Create an environment where everyone is more engaged, smiles and laughs more often?

Those may seem like lofty goals. But they’re achievable for people and organizations that embrace The Kindness Advantage.

Kindness is doing something for others and expecting nothing in return.
It’s a simple concept — but transformative.

Laurie shows your audience how to implement The Kindness Advantage in their lives and organizations in a way that gets measurable, bottom-line results. This is a transformative exercise that creates a tsunami of change for people and organizations. This isn’t just theory. Laurie shares scientific research, real-world stories, and step-by-step techniques that leaves your audience eager to get started. Be prepared for a lot of excitement and good will, as well as happy employees and customers!

When people experience kindness, they respond positively and come back for more. Think about the teams you lead, the employees you manage, your colleagues, and your customers. Imagine them having more positive interactions with you and each other. Imagine the impact that would have on morale, productivity and customer loyalty?

Some of the tools Laurie puts in your audience’s “Kindness Toolkit” include:

  • The Special K’s of kindness.
  • The K.I.N.D. Methodology: Kinesthetic, Imagination, Neighbourly, Deliberate. © Flasko & Glanz, 2017.

Keynote #1
The Kindness Advantage
For your team

Keynote #2
The Kind, Tough and Powerful Leader
For your Leaders

Keynote #3
Personal strength and resiliency

Keynote #4
Your Customers LOVE you
Creating customer loyalty – Kindness at every touch-point

Bring 1000 Acts of Kindness to your workplace
Create a Wave of Kindness That Will Transform Your Workplace Culture  
Actively incorporate kindness into your culture! Laurie will help you implement 1000 Acts of Kindness in your workplace making it easy, measurable and impactful. 
Together, get your employees engaged and on board: Laurie will set up and measure your morale, KPI’s and create an internal marketing plan and strategy.   
Your employees will love it! Your customers will love it. 

Want to book this powerful keynote or bring 1000 Acts of Kindness to your event or workplace? If you are curious about the kindness advantage or want to embrace a kind culture, get in touch today by emailing or call us at 905-357-2345.Learn how this presentation is impacting audiences across the country.

“Laurie Flasko’s presentation on the Kindness Advantage was inspiring and thought provoking. I appreciate her courage and ability to share her personal experiences which touched on my own life experiences. Those real life references to human behaviors were relevant and reached a part of everyone in the room. Encouraging kindness in all areas of our lives was very uplifting. Her presentation has awakened something in us that has fallen asleep and I know it has changed my daily contact with people to be kind and understanding rather than reactive and negative.”
Donna Wilson | Town Clerk
Town of Tillsonburg
“Great session. Teamwork leads to success when it is embraced, nourished and allowed to grow to its full potential. Looking forward to being part of this developing teams ride to success.”
Les A. Lawson, CMA | Chief Financial Officer
Nunatsiavut Group Of Companies

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“Many commented that it was by far the best and most productive team building exercise they had ever experienced.”
Carol A. Benoit | Manager
Citizenship and Immigration Canada
View Carol's Video Testimonial

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“Laurie came to my all staff day to talk about kindness. She is an amazing and inspiring speaker and facilitator. In addition to the excellent content, Laurie also engaged staff in variety of activities and group discussions. Prior to the day Laurie worked with the planning committee to make sure her speaking engagement meets the needs of my staff and aligned with the culture of my division. I highly recommended Laurie! ”
Julia Roitenberg | Director and Chief Nursing Officer
The Regional Municipality of York
“I attended a workshop by Laurie on “Kindness”. It wasn’t your ordinary Customer Service presentation. It blew you away with amazing ways to give back moments of kindness. You left the workshop, wanting to do something nice for someone. I bet a lot of Tim Horton coffees where paid for that day. Laurie is a must hear.”
Lori Dalton
Speakers Bureau
“Laurie’s session was a great way to celebrate our 1000 acts of kindness. (Actually 2056 acts) People were so excited to share and it was very evident that we are a kind group. Laurie challenged and inspired us to keep it going and we will. She made a business case for kindness – we are now more aware of the impact on morale, productivity and patient care. Laurie is a sincere and engaging speaker who uses lots of interesting and relevant stories in her presentation. I would highly recommend this session.”
Sandy Traynor
Niagara Health Services
“I just finished with Laurie at the kindness advantage. When you hear the Kindness Advantage you might think this is going to be flaky. I was pleasantly surprised... Laurie really hammered home not just some airy fairy concept but this notion that when we engage in kindness it does affect your bottom line, it affects the culture corporately and the culture at large. I found it really informative and made me thinking about some cool stuff.”
Carlo Rapino | Owner
Peterborough Axe Club
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