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Customer Service Training

Laurie Flasko & Associates have been helping businesses build loyal and meaningful relationships with their customers by Creating Extraordinary Service for all functional levels of the organization. In today’s competitive market, there is a definite need for consistency in delivering superlative, memorable service standards that differentiate your brand from your competition. We believe it is essential for your team members to be knowledgeable and fully trained in how to create a culture of service excellence within your organization.

Fundamental to our company is the creating extraordinary service element. We offer a variety of solutions for your business needs that are both interactive and meaningful, creating an enjoyable and fun learning experience for all team members.

Our training is customized and the way we do that is by getting to know your company. Our onsite business analysis, which is unrivaled in the training industry, uses a variety of methods (such as observations, surveys, focus groups, mystery shopping etc.) whereby we determine your teams current performance level and tailor our training to elevate them to the next level. Our customized workshops empower employees to give ‘above and beyond’ service that guarantees customer loyalty, advocacy and ultimately growth and profitability.

We have a variety of programs to increase skills of front line employees, managers and teams.

Creating Extraordinary Service
Empower your team to take the first step toward becoming more customer service centered.

Creating the Customer Experience
Take your service to the next level…by focusing on the customer experience, you set yourself apart from your competition.

Creating Extraordinary Service for Managers
“We seldom take the time to show people what we need,
but we are disappointed when they don’t deliver.”

~ Alan Williams

Your management team will create a customer service vision, set goals, and establish non-negotiable standards leading to an exceptional customer experience at every point of contact. Your management team will learn and practice strategies to coach and motivate team members to create the customer experience that will have them raving and keeping them coming back.

Creating an Extraordinary Management Team
We recognize that teams perform better with focused practice. Our consultants are highly trained in a variety of areas that can provide laser learning and focused results. This provides an opportunity for flexibility of subject and time. See our list of workshops that can be customized to meet your business needs.

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I want to thank Laurie for all the amazing training we have had over the last month or so. She has taken us from being really good to great. All of our staff here bought into “wowing” people and all I can say about Laurie is WOW. Thank you so much.
Tom Vanderlip
General Manager
PGA of Canada Executive Professional,
Peninsula Lakes Golf Club

View Tom's Video Testimonial
Hi Laurie, wanted to extend my gratitude for a GREAT 3 sessions with you in developing our leadership and further growth at Walkers. I thoroughly enjoyed the training (as well as the customer service earlier this year!) Wonderful tools, information and resources!
Jenny Jones
Walker Environmental Group Inc.
A full day workshop was created for our Customer Service department that was not only tailored to fit, but was engaging throughout. Our employees are still talking about it.
Jeannie Slade
Brand Manager
Laurie kept us all fully engaged and enthusiastic. She helped me understand that no matter what field you are in, customer service is critical and virtually the same. She inspired me to be a better leader...
Michele Martin
General Motors of Canada
I invited Laurie to speak to our staff on how to deal with difficult customers. She engaged our group with her humor and storytelling. She was able to do this with an authenticity that captured the attention of the entire room. Our staff was pleased with the tools she provided them.
Steve Richardson
General Manager
Niagara Duty Free
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