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Team Building

Going All In

Turn Your Organization Into a
High-Performance Team!

At Laurie Flasko & Associates Inc, it is our belief that a productive and cohesive Team is vital to the success of any organization. Our philosophy of GOING ALL IN permeates our workshop approach and is the spirit we foster amongst your Team. Whether your team consists of ten or 500 members there are always opportunities to take your Team to new heights of performance. Utilizing experiential, interactive exercises and challenges we will tailor a program unique to the needs of your Team as well as your current industry.

My Company has a unique ability to deliver programs, which truly energize Teams and help you get the maximum return from your Event. Teams will leave feeling positive, inspired and motivated – truly a ‘go all in’ outlook to life and business. Whether you require small, intimate workshops designed to maximize performance, or desire a large-scale group activity/morale building event, we can offer solutions.

Choose from a variety of customized teambuilding programs including:

5 Dysfunctions of a Team
"Teamwork remains the ultimate competitive advantage both because it is so powerful and so rare." Patrick Lencioni

This workshop is based on the simple, proven model for team development described in The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni. It is built around the same exercises that Fortune 500 teams have experienced and found useful.

The 5 dysfunctions of a team workshop guides your team through a series of powerful exercises that help team members improve in each of the five key fundamentals: trust, conflict, commitment, accountability and results. Your team will make a lot of progress in a short amount of time. This practical process will provide your team with information and strategies they can put to use immediately and apply on an ongoing basis.

Celebrating Strengths
Turn your organization into a high performance team! Utilizing personality theory (Myers Briggs Type indicator and or Personality Dimensions) we gain a deeper understanding into our own strengths, characteristics, and values which will assist in enhancing interpersonal skills, leadership skills, communication, customer service and improved working environments. Team members will learn about their own personality types as well as their teams through interactive exercises, discussion and self-reflection. This program can be a stand alone or used as an introduction to any of the other teambuilding programs.

Discover best ideas! Get the best ideas and input from all of your team!

Become a Powerful Communicator! Learn ways to communicate more effectively.

Build Relationships! Develop ways to enhance relationships with team members and customers.

High Performing Teams
Using experiential exercises, discussions on topics such as collaboration, high functioning teams, team norms, communication, handling conflict etc…we will customize this workshop to achieve your desired outcomes.

Take the Cake
Popular Hit! (Pair with Ice wine tasting!!)
Think you have what it takes to lead a team? Do you dare to dream through creativity? The faint at heart need not apply to this inventive competition whereby team players will work together to craft complex and tasty creations! This challenge will test a team’s ability to communicate effectively, manage change and diversity in today’s chaotic environment, and work together as a whole rather than as individuals. Teams will plan, design and execute the production of the masterpiece from concept to sale. If you think you have what it takes, your team just might Take the Cake!

I Never Promised You a Rose Garden
Teams will work together to build the most unique herb gardens that represent the culture and nature of DGS.

This activity will challenge a team’s ability to communicate effectively, manage change and diversity in today’s chaotic environment and work together as a whole rather than as individuals. Teams will plan, design and execute the production of the masterpiece from concept to sale.

Herb containers will be donated to the local community food bank. Mini gardens can be brought back to the office as a reminder.

Forest Survival Adventure
Woodend conservation area is situated in a unique location in the Niagara region. The program takes place along the Niagara Escarpment through the trail system of Woodend conservation area. We have taken advantage of this location and have created a number of teaming programs that utilize the beauty of the region in a fun adventurous and therapeutic setting.

Teams will begin the program in the field where they will experience an activity to get them in their survival groups. These activities instill fun, and create an atmosphere that will initiate further learning and teaming. After receiving maps of the conservation area and goals of the survival adventure, teams will work together to find their way through the forest. They will encounter roadblocks, search for food and water and participate in challenges against other teams at specific survival locations. During these survival activities teams will be challenged to use many of the skills found in the typical workplace. Activities range in initiatives that focus on problem solving, trust, decision making and time management.

Adventure Through Niagara
This is an adventurous program that takes place throughout the Niagara Falls and surrounding area. Teams will work collaboratively while retrieving clues and competing at challenges along the way. Celebrating the Canadian culture, a focus on kindness are incorporated.

Teams will visit historical, scenic and adventurous locations through the area, while battling off other teams and completing tasks! (An entire team focus will be incorporated into the race.)

Activities range from finding landmarks and information, deciphering clues, solving mind bending puzzles and bringing that to a location where a facilitator will meet your team. Facilitators will check your information, and provide you with a task or a challenge to receive your next clue to your next destination along the race! Tasks can task upon many forms:
  • Eating competitions
  • In search of chocolate
  • Team challenges
  • Kindness challenges
  • Creating a flash mob
  • Photo search
Needed for this event: This program is an outdoor program where comfortable functional clothing and footwear is a must! Rain or Shine! Cell phone per team.

Build the World’s Largest Domino Track out of Mac and Cheese Boxes (Donate to Food Bank)
Imagine teams working together to create a domino track where boxes of Mac and Cheese twist and turn around pillars and over bridges. Although individual teams work together to creatively design and construct their own part of the track they adjoin to another team’s course to set up a “domino effect’ which could possibly set a Guinness World record ... okay maybe your company’s world record! Food will be donated to the local food bank or shelter of choice.

Dining Etiquette
  • Make a POSITIVE and lasting impression
  • Tips for EFFECTIVE dinning conversations
  • Deliver professional and EFFECTIVE introductions
  • Increase your SOCIAL IQ
  • Learn proper DINING ETIQUETTE
Many otherwise confident business people feel nervous in dining and social settings. When business is the priority, knowing how to conduct yourself in a polished professional way, in both casual and formal dining settings, helps you feel more confident and portrays competence and credibility to others. During this very entertaining and informative session, you will learn the basics of business dining, how to present yourself competently in formal situations and how to effectively mix business and pleasure. This seminar can be tailored to suit your networking needs. Whether it’s a breakfast meeting, a cocktail reception, or a more formalized dinner setting you will be prepared with the necessary tools for success.

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We hired Laurie this year to do our annual team finance event and we are thrilled with the result... I’m hearing positive things, how much fun everybody had, how interactive it was, the team spirit and just the happiness that is going around is absolutely incredible. Laurie has been an amazing person to work with and was able to pull everything together in a really short time frame for us and think outside of the box. We came to her with an idea and she just completely went with it and just above and beyond all of our expectations.
Sheri Morin
Executive Assistant to VP & CFO
Henry Schein Canada Inc.
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The weekend team building session was an amazing experience. The obvious benefits of creating a more functional team notwithstanding, it was also a very effective exercise offering critical insights into yourself and your colleagues. I came away with a much better understanding of how a team should function and as importantly, what motivates individual team members. A very enlightening weekend!
Geoff Goodyear
Universal Helicopters Newfoundland and Labrador LP
Great session. Teamwork leads to success when it is embraced, nourished and allowed to grow to its full potential. Looking forward to being part of this developing teams ride to success.”
Les A. Lawson, CMA
Chief Financial Officer
Nunatsiavut Group Of Companies
Many commented that it was by far the best and most productive team building exercise they had ever experienced.”
Carol A. Benoit
Citizenship and Immigration Canada
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